Trained Olive Bonsai Tree Care Information

Olive Bonsai Tree

The Olive bonsai tree is known for its strong trunk growth, fine roots, and ability to produce fruit with proper care. It can tolerate many weather conditions including hot and dry weather. However, it is susceptible to frost and cold conditions.

  • The Olive Bonsai will grow in full shade to full sun, but the more light it has the more dense its foliage will be.
  • The Olive Bonsai can be kept indoors during the winter months. However, they are quite hardy to colder conditions.
  • Fertilize your Olive Bonsai once every two weeks during the growing season, spring until fall. We recommend using a bonsai fertilizer.
  • To water your bonsai, soak it in a sink or container of water up to the trunk for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then allow it to drain. If top watering your bonsai, water, wait a few minutes, and water again. Repeat this several times to insure that your bonsai has received a thorough watering.
  • Pruning – The clip-and-grow method is very successful with this species. However, wiring can be done but care is recommended as some branches are brittle.

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