Eugenia Myrtifolia – Brush Cherry Tree Care Information

Eugenia Myrtifolia

The leaves of the evergreen Eugenia Myrtifolia flowering bonsai tree are small, firm, and glossy. When placed in an adequate environment, the Brush Cherry Flowering Bonsai tree produces puffy white flowers and beautiful berries. This flowering bonsai tree also features red highlights on the leaves. The hardy nature of the flowering bonsai tree is perfect for indoors as well as for beginners interested in bonsai trees.

  • Eugenias thrive in sunny, warm temperate locations. Partial lighting conditions will result in more frequent flowering. Avoid intense afternoon sun shining through windows in the summer.
  • If leaves begin to droop, place outdoor in full sun temporarily.
  • Eugenia should be kept indoors during the winter months. They should be maintained at winter temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Fertilize your bonsai once every two weeks. We recommend using a bonsai fertilizer.
  • To water your bonsai, water, wait a few minutes, and water again. Repeat this several times to insure that your bonsai has received a thorough watering.
  • Pruning – The clip-and-grow method is very successful with this species.


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