Bonsai Wiring Tips & Tricks: How to get the most out of wiring larger branches

Wiring can be difficult and time consuming.  However, you can maximize your effort by doing one simple trick while wiring your bonsai tree branches. Prior to wiring, decide the position of the branch that you would like to bring the branch to.  In most cases, this would be down and either forward or backward.

During application, position the branch in the desired location.  With each wrap of the wire around the branch, position the branch further into position before applying the next wrap.  What this does is ensures that the proper tension is applied to the branch in the correct position.  By doing all your wiring this way, you can sometimes achieve 80% of the desired bend immediately after wiring the branch without needing to move the branch further.

A common misconception is to wire an entire branch first and then move the branch into position. The problem with this is the tension may loosen when you move the branch, making it harder for the branch to stay in position.

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