Carving Basics: Accentuating Movement on your Trunk

Accentuating Movement on your Trunk

Creating a truly unique bonsai tree goes beyond wiring and bending branches.  When picking the front of the tree, you’ll most likely choose the angle which displays the nicest movement in the trunk.  To accentuate this movement even more, use a carving tool to create a Shari at the bend.  The Shari will result in a dead wood effect that contrasts the curve.

Sharis can be carved anywhere on the tree.  When complemented by Jins on your tree, the combination can create a beautiful dead wood effect that will distinguish your tree from others.

Just remember to do all the carving prior to wiring. Otherwise it will be difficult to carve in between the wires and peel the bark off the trunk. Also take care while you carve as to avoid cutting yourself.

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