The Growing Season of Black Pines

blacpineMaximizing the Growing Season

Working with Black Pines requires patience. Although the trunk of the Black Pine can grow quickly, ramification (development of fine branches) of the branches can take years of work. By following the calendar above, you can maximize the year by using two growing seasons. By splitting the growing season in half, it’s possible to train your tree’s needles to become smaller while also quickly developing a solid branch structure.

Developing Branches on the Black Pines

During the winter, you’ll notice that buds formed at the base of the candle cut (done in June) have lengthened substantially. To develop a strong branch structure, you’ll want to keep two of similar length. Typically this is done by cutting the strongest and weakest bud. Continue doing this for all the bud sections. Afterwards, you can remove the old needles to make room for the new needles. Once you re finished with work on your tree, you can let it grow until June for the candle cutting season.

Author: Jason Chan. Student of David Nguy. Sharing his teacher’s techniques and insight for others to enjoy.

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