Fertilizer questions; how often and how much?

Fertilizer Questions

Bonsai fertilizer can help rejuvenate an unhealthy tree or prolong the life of a tree when used correctly. However, too much fertilizer at a given time can harm your tree.

Fertilizer can be used as often as every 2 weeks or every other month depending on how much you provide your tree.  If using very small amounts we suggest applying every 2 weeks as stated on-line in most of our care descriptions as well as in our catalog.  If using a large amount like 1 tablespoon we suggest applying every other month as stated on our bonsai fertilizer instructions.

Our recommendation is to go with smaller doses at a time to ensure that you don’t overfertilize your bonsai tree. This way, you can also gauge your tree to see if more is required or if you have used just the right amount.

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