What to do if you see browning on your Juniper

Browning on your Juniper

Is browning on your Juniper normal?  Yes it is.  As the Juniper tree grows, they produce growth from the tips of the matured needles. You will notice as the new growth grows the bottom section may turn lighter in color eventually turning brown. This is normal and you can either pinch away the brown needles or use a shear to cut them.  Thinning out a Juniper regularly will ensure a healthy tree and continued growth.

During the spring or periods of strong trunk growth, the trunk may be completely green.  However, as the trunk matures, it will turn brown and harden. If you plan on wiring your tree, take advantage of it while it is young to make it easier to bend.  However, make sure to change your wire to prevent the wire from scarring your tree.

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