Creating a Bonsai Tree from Scratch

Creating a Bonsai Tree from Scratch

Creating a bonsai tree is something everybody can do.  However, it requires  a good understanding of a few techniques and fundamentals before you can start designing your own.  Below are some quick tips for helping you along the way. We’ll post more detailed articles on each technique as well over time.


Wiring is probably the most important technique that you will need to learn before you start designing your trees.  By learning how to wire properly, you’ll be able to bend the branches into the correct positions, either by bringing them down to create ‘age’ in the tree or by bringing them around to different sides of the tree to fill in gaps.

Choosing a front

Choose a front.  Typically you’ll want to show off movement in the tree’s trunk.  You’ll also want to make sure you have a solid 1st branch, 2nd branch, back branch, and wide root stance.  Start by wiring branches slowly and bring them into position as you wire it.  You’ll want to balance the movement in the trunk with the branches.  Wire all the branches, including secondary branches.  By doing so, you’ll be able to push back the growth and foliage to closer into the trunk.


Prune back growth that clutters the tree.  Start by pruning the branches that go down. Aesthetically pleasing bonsai trees tend to only have the foliage above the branches.  You can also prune back growth towards the trunk to give the tree ‘more strength’.

These are just a few short tips for creating your own tree. For those that are local to us, we offer beginner classes going over the fundamentals in creating and design a bonsai tree.

Bonsai Artist & Author: Jason Chan


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