Using Bonsai Guy Wires : An alternative to traditional wiring

Bonsai Guy Wires

Guy wires are a great alternative to bending and shaping branches on your bonsai tree.  Certain species of trees such as pomegranate trees dislike being wired and lend themselves better to using guy wires.

Guy wires are essentially wires that are anchored to a sturdy part of the tree such as the growers pot, pot, or other trunks and connected to the desired branch.  By tightening the wire with pliers, you can adjust the tension of the guy wire and control the amount of tension in the branch.

To protect the branch that is being bent, the best way to gauge how much tension is to hold the branch with one hand to feel the strength of the branch and twist the wires slowly.  This will avoid breaking the branch. Soft tubing is also often used to prevent the wire from digging into the branch while the tension is adjusted.


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