3 Tips on Preparing a Show Bonsai Tree

Preparing a Show Bonsai Tree

Interested in showing a bonsai tree at your next club’s bonsai exhibition? Here are some great tips on how to preparing a show bonsai Tree and make it look fantastic.

1. Use Copper Wire: Wire your tree at least a few months in advance with copper wire. Aluminum wire is typically black in color and stands out too much on the branches. With copper wire, by the time the show rolls around, the wire will fade and match your tree’s bark and won’t be very noticeable.

2. Polish the pot: Use a light wax or oil to polish the pot so that it shines. Try to wash or scrub any calcium deposits on your pot. The contrast of a nicely polished pot will stand out once on display.

3. Add moss: The secret to making your tree stand out is to add some fresh moss a few days before the show. Gather moss from your yard or other trees and transplant them on top of your show tree. Spray a little bit of water prior to pushing it top of the soil and mist it immediately after.

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