Myth or Fact: Do Pandas Eat Lucky Bamboo?

Do Pandas Eat Lucky Bamboo?

Myth! Lucky Bamboo are not the real bamboo Pandas eat. Surprisingly the common household lucky bamboo (a.k.a Dracaena Sanderia) is a member of the water lilly family.

Although Lucky Bamboo is not part of the diet of the Giant Panda, Pandas eat about twenty-five different species of bamboo. These species of bamboos include the sword bamboo and umbrella bamboo. The most common type of bamboo that Pandas eat is called ‘Grass bamboo’. Grass Bamboo is mainly found high in the mountains of western China.

Since bamboo is the main dietary food of the Panda, they need to eat about 40 to 84 lbs a day to meet their energy needs! Spending about 12 hours each day eating bamboo! The consumption of bamboos make up for 99% of the Panda’s diet.

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