Maximizing your Bonsai Fertilizer with your Soil Mix

Maximizing your Bonsai Fertilizer

Fertilizing your bonsai tree is essential to keeping your bonsai tree healthy and growing. However, fertilizer costs money and you want to make sure you’re not flushing your fertilizer away with water too quickly. The right soil mix will maximizing your bonsai fertilizer retention.

Choosing the right component to your soil mixture can have a significant impact on the way your tree utilizes fertilizer. Assuming you are using a slow release fertilizer. (Liquid fertilizer for your bonsai tree will run right through in no time) We recommend integrating black lava into your soil mixture. The porous nature of the lava rock will enable the fertilizer to break down and stick to the pores in the lava rock. The result is a nutrient rich soil mixture that will continue to feed your tree over time rather than drain through.

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