Maintaining your Lucky Bamboo: Calcium deposits

Maintaining Lucky Bamboos Calcium deposits

It’s almost unavoidable unless you have a water filtration system or softener that helps reduce the calcium in your water.  Over time as you water your lucky bamboo calcium deposits will develop on the sides of your vase, rocks, and on your lucky bamboo stalks themselves. Maintaining Lucky Bamboos Calcium deposits is relatively easy.

The calcium itself will not kill your lucky bamboo. However, over time the results can be unappealing.  To clean your arrangement, remove everything from the vase and try to scrub away as much deposits as you can.  CLR solution from home depot can sometimes help clean a crusted vase.  However, if the vase and rocks have reached a level that they cannot be scrubbed, it’s best to replace everything.  Luckily the calcium deposits are easier to remove your lucky bamboo.  Just gently scrub them away taking care not to damage the stalk.

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