Leaf Color Changes on Japanese Red Maples

Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Foliage

Japanese red maple or Acer palmatums are a amazing for bonsai. Their intricate foliage and distinctive color make them one of the most popular species for bonsai. However, when it comes to the color of the leaves, there are many varieties of Japanese Red Maple Bonsai. Maple leaves change with the season and are affected strongly by the climate.

Depending on the variety of maple you have, it may change color from red to green when the weather warms up. Some varieties will stay red but may take a lighter red or orange color when the weather gets warm. The variation of color on the leaves of your maple bonsai will largely depend on the species and where it is located.

Winter (Deciduous)

Despite the varying colors of the foliage, since the maple bonsai’s are deciduous, they will all lose their leaves during the winter. Luckily, if developed properly the maple bonsai will have an fantastic winter silhouette that you can appreciate even when all the foliage has fallen off.

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