Fertilizing your tree and balancing the pH level.

Fertilizing your tree

Should you fertilize your bonsai or not?  Fertilizing your tree not only gives your tree the proper nutrients for strong growth but it also helps to balance the pH levels of your bonsai soil.  The pH levels in most bonsai need to be around 6-6.5. This means your tree will get the the proper levels for optimal growth.  When the pH is too high your tree is considered Alkaline and when the pH is too low your tree is considered too Acidic.

A tree that is too Alkaline is the most common and can lead to burned leaves. This is usually caused by the water quality or lack of fertilizer.  This is why we do suggest using filtered water if possible as well as fertilizing regularly.  In order to help your tree become more healthy we suggest using bonsai fertilizer monthly.  Bonsai fertilizer contains sulfur and this component aids in bringing your soil’s pH level back to ideal levels for bonsai trees.  It is the best, easiest and fairly cheapest way to correct the situation.  Just remember to use it as directed per the fertilizer purchased.

If you are unsure of what your current pH levels for your tree are, you can check the pH levels with an easy Soil pH meter.

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