Fertilizing Techniques for Bonsai

Fertilizing Techniques

Fertilizing is probably one of the most common questions that arises at every demonstration. Everybody loves to feed their tree. However, sometimes we give our tree too much love and we fertilize too much which can lead to burning of the leaves or even the possibility of losing the tree altogether. Another downside to over fertilizing is having the tree push foliage to strong and too quickly, resulting in leggy branches. This is something we want to avoid when creating a bonsai tree, therefore we are going to cover basic fertilizing techniques for bonsai.

How much fertilizer

So how much fertilizer are we supposed to use and how often should we fertilize? For the amount of fertilizer, always follow the instructions on your fertilize for the proper proportions. Each fertilizer brand has it’s recommended dosage. The safest method to fertilize your tree is to follow the instructions.

How often should you fertilize

With respect to how often to fertilize your tree, we fertilize our show trees year round. We will increase feeding during early spring and fall. However, our tree is getting some extra push throughout the whole year. That’s why we love to use slow release fertilizers. Since they dissolve slowly over time, you can easily walk around your trees and see if the fertilize is still on the top of the soil. Once it’s gone, we’ll replace the tablet or granules.

Try not to over-think fertilizing your tree. If you have a good soil mix and your tree is free of pests and parasites, your tree will grow wonderfully even without fertilizer.

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