Eastern Leaf Facebook

Eastern Leaf Facebook

First, we joined Twitter to let you know what’s going on. Now, we’ve joined Facebook! We have created our own Fan Page and invite you to check us out. So you could get to know us better, we have posted pictures of a typical day at our location in Chino, CA. You can see what we do and get a sneak peek of the inside!

In addition to inviting you to be our fans, we also would like to see pictures of your plants that you have purchased from us. We want to see how they’re doing in their new home and give you a chance to showcase your inner gardener! What we hope to create is an online community where we can share pictures, discussions and reviews of bonsais, money trees and anything else Eastern Leaf related. We look forward to seeing you online and in the world of Facebook!

To view our page and become a fan: click here

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