Chinese Elm Deciduous Bonsai

What is a Deciduous Bonsai?

A Deciduous Bonsai is a bonsai that will shed its leaves seasonally to protect itself from harsh seasons. The rotation of foliage usually occurs around Autumn as the temperature begin to drop and the days grow shorter and colder. The trees shed their leaves to prevent foliage frost damage to the water molecules inside the leaves. Once the bonsai has shed its foliage it will participates in a dormancy cycle.

What is Dormancy?

Dormancy is part of a trees natural growth cycle, during this period your tree will not push as much energy and will conserve its energy to stay alive. During the beginning of this cycle the leaves on your tree will begin to turn yellow and fall. Once the leaves have all fallen the tree will remain bare until the temperature rises at the beginning of the growing season, this is usually early spring. New buds will appear in spring if proper dormancy maintenance was administered. Once the sprouts appear, they will develop very quickly and you will have a tree with full foliage once again.

During the dormancy cycle it is important to keep your tree watered during autumn and winter to ensure that new growth will appear in the spring.

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