Bugs: the good & the bad.


Bugs, for most of us they are to be squished upon contact, for some a scream and “get away from me!” reaction, and for the few as pets. But no matter how you look at it, we all have to live with them on this planet which we, and them, consider as home. Did you know that more than a million species have been classified while an estimated 20+ millions are unclassified? That potentially makes up over 80% of all various life forms on this planet!

For some of you out there, it is hard to believe that there are actually good bugs but following are some good samples. Lady bugs are welcomed by gardeners and are even sold at local gardening stores to help keep plants from being attacked by aphids since these are their favorite food. For the bad such as a bald-faced hornet which can leave you a painful sting, they help to rid of flies, yellow jackets, and can pollinate some plants. Even for the ugly such as the Assassin bug, they help to feed on mosquitoes, flies, and caterpillars.

So the next time you are picking up a newspaper or spray can to take out that bug, perhaps it would be better to reconsider what other types of pests it can possibly rid of for you and save yourself the trouble.

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