Bonsai Pots: Comparing made in Japan, Korea, and the Yixing Province (China)

Bonsai Pots

Choosing a bonsai pot can be quite confusing at first. One aspect of bonsai pots to compare is quality.  The best quality pots originate from Japan. It is evident in their workmanship and attention to detail from the mold to the glaze and paint.  However, this also comes with a very high price tag.

Bonsai pots from Korea are a step below in quality compared to the pots from Japan, but have a slightly lower price. They are also known to be molded heavier and thicker.

Bonsai pots made from China have a reputation of being lower quality. However, pots made from the Yixing province in China are an exception. The Yixing province is best known for their craftsmanship in making exquisite teapots and tea sets. They have since used that same skill and craftsmanship and transferred it to making bonsai pots.  The result is an affordable bonsai pot without sacrificing too much quality.

A lot can be told about a bonsai pot by its country of manufacture. Next time you’re comparing a bonsai pot, take a glance at the country or province of origin for another indication of its quality.


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