Air Plant / Tillandsia Care

Air Plants / Tillandsias Care

Tillandsia Air Plants are easy to care for and maintain, making them great gifts. They do not requiring soil to grow and are ideal for vertical growing.

  • The Air Plants / Tillandsia should be placed in a bright location that receives natural filtered sunlight.
  • Tillandsias should be watered in the mornings on a weekly basis by submersion for 1 hour. We recommend watering your Tillandsias with bottled or filtered water.
  • After watering any excess water should be removed. Residual water can be removed by  lightly shaking the plant upside down.
  • Once properly hydration the leaves of the Tillandsia will turn green. If dehydration occurs Tillandsias can be submerged overnight for 10-12 hours, once hydrated remove excess water by lightly shaking upside drown.

Misting them on a regular basis can cause water to become trapped in crevasses and never dry out if the Air plant is not exposed to circulating air.

To view our individual Air Plants / Tillandsia please click the link below.


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